Industry supported sessions

Educational symposia

Monday 05 October 18:30
Long term benefits of a holistic approach on dyslipidaemia management; today for a greater future.

This symposium is organised and supported by Mylan.

  • Carlos Tavares Aguiar
  • Alberto Zambon

Are new LDL-C goals for ACS achievable in real life? How Registries could help?

Francois Schiele, Besançon, France

Fenofibrate and EPA: Are they equal when it comes to hypertriglyceridemia management?

Mario Luca Morieri, Padova, Italy

Low-dosage red yeast rice supplementation in cholesterol control: review and expert opinion by ILEP

Maciej Banach, Lodz, Poland


Carlos Tavares Aguiar, - Alberto Zambon, Padova, Italy

Tuesday 06 October 12:30
FCS and me: Living with a rare lipid disorder and the APPROACH to treatment

This symposium is organised and supported by Akcea.

  • Pedro Valdivielso Felices

A treatment in context: clinician perspectives on volanesorsen from real word experience

Alan Jones, United Kingdom

Expert and patient insights: interactive Q&A, summary and closing remarks

Pedro Valdivielso Felices, Spain

Living with FCS: through the eyes of a patient

Jill Prawer, United Kingdom

Treatment of FCS with an antisense oligonucleotide (volanesorsen) and the APPROACH study

Marcello Arca, Rome, Italy

Welcome and introduction

Pedro Valdivielso Felices, Spain

Wednesday 07 October 14:30
Targeting PCSK9: translating ESC/EAS guidelines to the real world

This symposium is organised and supported by Amgen.

  • François Mach

How did the ESC/EAS guidelines change my practice?

Ulrich Laufs, Leipzig, Germany

Introduction. Targeting PCSK9: from bench to real world

François Mach, Geneva, Switzerland

LDL-C reduction: earlier, lower, better!

François Mach, Geneva, Switzerland

Lessons from the DA VINCI study

Kausik Ray, London, UK

PCSK9 inhibition: what do we know so far?

Chris Packard, Glasgow, UK

PCSK9 inhibitors; what can we learn from 5 years of real-world experience?

Pasquale Perrone, Filardi, Italy Kausik Ray, London, UK

LIVE Panel discussion: with a focus on very-high risk patients

François Mach, Geneva, Switzerland

Conclusions and take- home messages

François Mach, Geneva, Switzerland

Wednesday 07 October 16:00
Add on to take back control: Combining lipid lowering therapies for the management of patients at risk

This symposium is organised and supported by Daiichi-Sankyo.

  • Alberico L. Catapano

Welcome and introduction

Alberico L. Catapano, Milan, Italy

New LDL-C goals: Practical implications for the management of patients with residual risk

François Mach, Geneva, Switzerland

Combination of lipid lowering therapies: Evidence from Mendelian randomization studies

Brian Ference, Cambridge, United Kingdom

On the horizon: Novel options for the combination of LDL-C lowering therapies

Ulrich Laufs, Leipzig, Germany

Panel discussion & Conclusion

Alberico L. Catapano, Milan, Italy

Special lectures

Wednesday 07 October 13:15
The Changing Face of HoFH

This symposium is organised and supported by Amryt.

  • Marcello Arca

Finding HoFH – is a rare disease hard to find?

Mary McGowan, USA

Introduction – Chair

Marcello Arca, Rome, Italy

Lomitapide effectiveness and tolerability in patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia – updated data from an Italian cohort

Laura D’Erasmo, Italy

Lomitapide hepatic data in HoFH – a hepatologists perspective

Dominique Larrey, France


Marcello Arca, Rome, Italy