François Mach

Geneva, Switzerland

Monday 05 October 11:00

How to approach a patient with dyslipidemia with CAD (case by Anna Lebedeva 5 min) What the guideline says

Monday 05 October 13:30

Are the new EAS/ESC lipids goals reachable in clinical practice?

Monday 30 November 14:30

Introduction. Targeting PCSK9: from bench to real world

Monday 30 November 14:33

LDL-C reduction: earlier, lower, better!

Monday 30 November 14:36

LIVE Panel discussion: with a focus on very-high risk patients

Monday 30 November 14:37

Conclusions and take- home messages

Monday 30 November 16:01

New LDL-C goals: Practical implications for the management of patients with residual risk