Who are the highest risk patients and how do we manage them?

  • Dan Gaita, Romania

Chronic kidney disease patients

Colin Baigent, Oxford, UK

Acute coronary syndrome patients

Jose Luis Zamorano, Spain

Controversies in nutrition

  • Evangelos Liberopoulos, Greece

To what extent can functional ingredients and supplements that lower LDL-C play a role in CVD risk management?

Sabine Baumgartner, The Netherlands

Which diet works best for cardiovascular prevention?

Sun Qi, USA

Lipid lowering therapies from childhood to old age

  • Steve Humphries, UK

Treating primary dyslipidemia in children: what we’ve learned from treating patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Marina Cuchel, USA

Strategies towards personalized risk stratification

  • Ionna Gouni-Berthold, Germany

Refinement of risk prediction by imaging

Paolo Raggi, Alberta, Canada

Refinement of risk prediction by circulating biomarkers

Stefan Blankenberg, Germany

Non coding RNA and epigenetic regulators

  • Christina Christoffersen, Denmark

The multifactorial nature of microRNAs in vascular remodelling

Yael Nossent, Vienna, Austria

High-resolution regulatory maps connect vascular risk variants to disease-related pathways

Pelin Sahlén, Sweden

Immune cells in the arterial wall

  • Christoph Binder, Austria

Inflammasome, neutrophil extracellular traps and cholesterol

Marit Westerterp, Groningen, The Netherlands

Transcriptomic landscape and heterogeneity of macrophages in atherosclerosis.

Alma Zernecke, Würzburg, Germany

Lipoproteins and the arterial wall

  • Winfried März, Germany

LDL aggregation

Katariina Öörni, Helsinki, Finland

Transendothelial transport

Philip Shaul, USA

Plaque rupture and erosion

  • Margus Viigimaa, Estonia

Microvesicles and endothelial activation

Lina Badimon, Barcelona, Spain

Vulnerable plaque: Current concepts in pathophysiology and imaging

Oliver Soehnlein, Munich, Germany

Lipoprotein receptors and lipid transport

  • Noam Zelcer, The Netherlands

Role of the retromer COMMD/WASH complex

Bart van de Sluis, Groningen, The Netherlands

Lipoprotein transport in the brain

Francesca Zimetti, Parma, Italy

Sterols at the crossroad of metabolic pathways

  • Xavier Collet, France

The role of FXR in reverse cholesterol transport

Folkert Kuipers, Groningen, The Netherlands

G-protein coupled bile acid receptors

Elena Osto, Czech Republic

Metabolic control of fat storage and combustion

  • Patrick Rensen, The Netherlands

Browning of white adipose tissue

Alexander Bartelt, Germany

Whitening of brown adipose tissue - role of the mevalonate pathwa

Christian Wolfrum, Zürich, Switzerland

Cellular lipid trafficking

  • Bart Staels, France

Intracellular cholesterol trafficking

Elina Ikonen, Helsinki, Finland

Impact of lipid droplets - implications for human disease

Tobias Walther, USA

Bob Farese, USA