Workshop Topics

Advanced clinical seminars

What is the best practice in secondary prevention in 2020?

  • Management of stable coronary heart disease patients 

         Ulrich Laufs, Leipzig, Germany

  • Management of acute coronary syndrome patients

         Stephan Windecker, Switzerland

Risk prediction in primary prevention

  • Limited sensitivity: scores underestimate risk

         Børge Nordestgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

Management of non-lipid-risk factors

  • Overweight – lifestyle and drugs

         Marianne Benn, Denmark

  • Impact of smoking and psycosocial health

         Eva Prescott, Copenhagen, Denmark

NAFLD – natural history and emerging clinical trials

  • Natural history of NAFLD

         Rosalind Coleman, North Carolina, USA

  • Emerging clinical trials to combat NAFLD

         Sven Franque, Antwerp, Belgium


Metabolism of lipids and lipoproteins

Regulation and transport of sterols

  • The role of FXR in reverse cholesterol transport

         Folkert Kuipers, Groningen, The Netherlands

  • G-protein coupled bile acid receptors

         Kristina Schoonjans, Lausanne, Switzerland

Cellular lipid trafficking

  • Intracellular cholesterol trafficking

         Elina Ikonen, Helsinki, Finland

  • Impact of lipid droplets – implications for human disease

         Tobias Walther, USA

Adipose tissue

  • Browning of white adipose tissue

         Mariette Boon, Leiden, The Netherlands

  • Whitening of brown adipose tissue – role of the mevalonate pathway

         Christian Wolfrum, Zürich, Switzerland

Lipoprotein receptors and transporters

  • Role of the retromer (COMMD/WASH complex)

         Bart van der Sluijs, Groningen, The Netherlands

  • Lipoprotein transport in the brain

         Francesca Zimetti, Parma, Italy


Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis

Lipoprotein in arterial wall

  • LDL aggregation

         Katariina Öörni, Helsinki Finland

  • Transendothelial transport

         Bill Sessa, USA

Immune cells in the arterial wall

  • Inflammasome, neutrophil extracellular traps and cholesterol

         Marit Westerterp, Groningen, The Netherlands

Plaque rupture and erosion

  • Vulnerable plaque: Current concepts in pathophysiology and imaging

         Oliver Soehnlein, Munich, Germany

Epigenetics and non-coding RNA

  • The multifactorial nature of microRNAs in vascular remodelling

         Yael Nossent, Vienna, Austria


Prevention and treatment of CVD

Controversies in nutrition

  • Which diet works best for cardiovascular prevention?

         Qi Sun, USA

Lipidlowering therapies from childhood to old age

  • Pediatric lipid derangements and lifetime risk

         Olli Raitakari, Turku, Finland

Who are the highest risk patients and how do we manage them?

  • Acute coronary syndrome patients

        Jose Luis Zamorano, Spain

  • Chronic kidney disease patients

         Colin Baigent, Oxford, UK

Strategies towards personalised risk stratification

  • Refinement of risk prediction by imaging

        Paolo Raggi, Alberta, Canada

  • Refinement of risk prediction by circulating biomarkers

         Tanja Zeller, Hamburg, Germany


Metabolic Diseases of Atherosclerosis

Subtopics to be announced