Educational CME Accredited Programme

Prevention strategies for CV health

  • Alexandros Tselepis, Greece
  • Zeljko Reiner, Croatia

Precision nutrition and CVD management

Jogchum Plat, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Behaviour change in CVD prevention

Heike Englert, Münster, Germany

Can technology improve adherence to lifestyle?

Gil Blander, Boston, USA

NLA-EAS joint session: Dyslipidemia Treatment in Light of the New Guidelines

  • Lale Tokgözoglu, Turkey
  • Antonio Gotto, USA

Targets and goals: The EAS way

Chris Packard, Glasgow, UK

Targets and goals: The NLA way

Carl E. Orringer, Miami, USA

Therapeutic Approaches: The EAS way

Alberico L. Catapano, Milan, Italy

Therapeutic Approaches: The NLA way

Christie Ballantyne, Houston, USA

Novel approaches to lipid lowering management

  • Alberico L. Catapano, Italy
  • Marja-Riita Taskinen, Finland

What is the landscape on lipid management today?

Lale Tokgözoglu, Ankara, Turkey

When do we need add on therapies to statin?

Ulrich Laufs, Leipzig, Germany

What do we know so far about bempedoic acid?

Kausik Ray, London, UK

Targeting lower LDL-C: When and how?

  • Lale Tokgözoglu, Turkey
  • David Wood, UK

Are the new EAS/ESC lipoid goals reachable in clinical practice?

François Mach, Geneva, Switzerland

Risk stratification in very high risk patients is it of value?

Kosh Ray, London, UK

An update on the results of ODYSSEY outcomes

Gabriel Steg, Paris, France

The role of TG-rich lipoproteins in atherosclerosis

  • Jan Boren, Sweden
  • Philippe Moulin, France

TG-rich lipoproteins as a risk factor

Ruth Frikke-Schmidt, Copenhagen, Denmark

The value of omega 3: from biology to clinical practice

Alberto Zambon, Padova, Italy

Position of omega 3 in Guidelines (as second choice after statins)

Christie Ballantyne, Houston, USA

Case: Diabetic patient with MI - how to manage?

Dirk Mueller, Köln, Germany

Implementing guidelines: a patient-centered approach for daily practice

  • Paolo Parini, Sweden
  • Marat Ezhov, Russia

Why and in whom is combination needed?

Luis Masana, Barcelona, Spain

Difficult cases to reach goal: FH

Meral Kayikcioglu, Izmir, Turkey

Difficult cases to reach goal: Recurrent event on statin

Michel Farnier, Dijon, France

Can combination aid adherence? (fixed dose, intolerance)

Michal Vrablik, Prague, Czech Republic

Translating science into guidance on the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Guy de Backer, Ghent, Belgium

New ways to modulate TG metabolic pathways

  • Arnold von Eckardstein, Switzerland
  • Christoph Binder, Austria

The Angiopoietin-like proteins, controlling lipoprotein metabolism

Marcello Arca, Rome, Italy

ANGPTL 3 what we have learned from genetics?

Sander Kersten, The Netherlands

ANGPTL 3 Inhibition: recent clinical trials

Daniel Gaudet, Montreal, Canada

Future directions – Round Table