Advanced Clinical Seminars

Management of non-lipid risk factors

  • Öner Özdogan, Turkey

Overweight - lifestyle and drugs

Marianne Benn, Denmark

Impact of smoking and psycosocial health

Eva Prescott, Copenhagen, Denmark

What is the best practice in secondary prevention in 2020?

  • Andreas Zirlik, Germany

Management of stable coronary heart disease patients

Ulrich Laufs, Leipzig, Germany

Management of acute coronary syndrome patients

Konstantinos C. Koskinas, Switzerland

NAFLD - natural history and emerging clinical trials

  • Marja-Riita Taskinen, Finland

Natural history of NAFLD

Rosalind Colemen, Chapel Hill, USA

Emerging clinical trials to combat NAFLD

Sven Franque, Antwerp, Belgium

Risk prediction in primary prevention

  • Katriina Aalto-Setala, Finland

Limited sensitivity: scores underestimate risk

Børge Nordestgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

Limited specificity: scores overestimate risk

David Nanchen, Lausanne, Switzerland